Our Values

Personalized Natural Remedies with Proven Efficacy

We have blended knowledge from various cultures that have been practiced and honed for thousands of years to create products by using recipes that have proven to be effective. The AI Yin-Yang (hot/cold) Body Type System will help to classify your body which will allow us to recommend the herbal supplements that suit you best.

Sun-kissed Herbs Sourced from Pristine Lands

Our Canadian FDA-regulated manufacturing facility meets the highest health standards. We also meet our customers' high expectations by delivering safe, natural, and high-quality herbs and supplements to them.

Learn Healthy Lifestyle and Earn Rewards

Read and learn the latest news on healthy living and enjoy articles about which supplements are best to achieve different health goals. Test your health knowledge and see what more you can learn. Also, healthy living is its own reward. . .but rewards are fun, so have some more! You can earn reward points with each purchase of our top quality, natural herbal products.


Artificial intelligence body type classification systems

We use innovative AI systems to determine your body type so that we can recommend supplements to suit your needs.

HPP Proceed 100% Sunkissed Fresh Squeezed Herbal Juices

No chemical, no preservatives, 100% sunkissed herbs grown from nonpopulated environments Sleep aid herbal juice Digestive aid herbal juice Boot immune system herbal juice

Our Vision

We use natural products to make a difference in people’s health.

Our Mission

Most health supplements are synthetic, polluting our environment as much as they heal us. We are a team of scientists, engineers, and health professionals to change the world of health supplements.

We use recipes with proven efficacy, passed down from our ancestors and the ancestors of others, condensing thousands of years of wisdom and scientifically validated to make the best 100% natural products for our customers.


Chun Yu, Ph.D.

Odelia Schmidt

Marilu Carrillo, M.S.

Lennin Leon, B.Sc.

Wen Yang, Ph.D.


Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and earn rewards!

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